Wedding Guys:

Your Wedding Specialists

Die Dienstleiter für Ihre Hochzeit

Whatever you need, just ask.

That special moment

Whether it is the moment you say “I do”, or simply a loving smile, our photographers are the to capture that moment.

Regardless of what surprises the guests have:

We are there and ready to make sure that special memory can be looked back on in 50 years.

And no matter what your guests have you doing late into the evening:

We’ll be there to help make that moment even more special.

Portfolio examples

The photography Team

Seth Kamkar

Seth Kamkar is a Berlin photographer, specialising in wedding photography, portraits, and concert photography.

Seth has an excellent eye for detail and takes great care in capturing the moment.


James is a professional photographer based in Berlin, focussed on wedding photography, portraits and event photography. James has worked as a professional wedding and event photographer for many years. It would be his pleasure to photograph your special day.


Dragos’ text to be filled in.

The DJ's

Armando Ruiz Martinez
aka. Professor Dictabeat

Professor Dictabeat is is an excellent DJ with an eye and ear for the crowd. He makes sure to play the right tunes for the right crowd.

Jan Beierle

Jan is a musical multitalent.

He is not only a DJ but a musician and singer. He is also an excellent sound technician, so essentially the sound guy you want on speed dial.

He was the DJ at James’s wedding in May 2018 and one fun thing that was new to me but an absolute hit was the childrens’ disco he put on while all the little ones were still up and excited. 

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